Aug 15, 2006

">August Trip to the Amazon
Focus on the Children

Children from the Amazon Hooked on Reading

One of the main objectives for Ecoagents is educating and informing children about their rights. Ultimately, it is this information that will help them learn to protect their future. It will teach them how negotiate with dishonest corporations, help with their affairs, help protect their land… and protect them.

This information will also help to protect their culture and their natural habitat from contamination and deforestation.

Ecoagents has been working on this project for quite some time now and we have introduced these children in the jungle to all kinds of English childrens books. The purpose of this is to make them more excited and familiar with the English language… and our plan is working. It has now gotten to the point where they are asking us for books. How sad that this is the ONLY contact they have with the outside world.

The trip I’m taking in August is a very exciting one, because we at Ecoagents made a decision to bring more light and knowledge to these children. This trip, in addition to bringing even more books, we’re bringing Spanish/English dictionaries so the kids will have the ability to work on translations themselves. They are so hungry for knowledge and work so hard to learn on their own.

Everything that we’re doing will help make these children become more familiar with the outside world. This is so important because the decisions about the rainforest – their home - are made in the outside world. This knowledge that they gain can be passed on to new generations, and they will become more and more prepared for the challenges ahead. They are the future. THEY can protect the Amazon rainforest for themselves, their families, and for rest of us.