Nov 29, 2008

A plastic fork takes over a 1000 years to decompose - yet we only use it once. So much unnecessary waste is created in New York and across the country when we order take out. America produces 25 percent of the worlds garbage, how much of that is unnecessary food packaging?

The Eco-To-Go program has already launched at participating restaurants in New York City; the concept being that when you order takeout, you should advise the restaurant that you want your order to be Eco-To-Go.

Restaurants will respond by delivering the food, with no extras, such as unnecessary napkins and plastic utensils, as you have all you need at home. It also hopes to encourage restaurants to use greener packaging.

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Apr 25, 2008

Save Mother Earth: While Ordering Take Out
To help save Mother Earth from more pollution next time you place an order for delivery or take out say, "Make it Eco To Go" and your food will arrive with basic minimum packaging.

What is "Eco To Go"?
Eco To Go™ is a grassroots education program which promises to alleviate the massive amounts of packaging from becoming waste; saving millions of tons of paper and plastic each year. This translates to saving the worlds' rainforests as well as creating an important tool to take action.

How to use the phrase "Eco To Go"
When you order takeout, advise the restaurant attendant that you want your order to be "Eco To Go". Restaurants will respond by sending the food in its container in a bag, no extras, as you have all you need at home (you may need to educate the attendant).

Eco To Go™ began in New York and is successfully catching on in Texas, Colorado, New Jersey, London and beyond.

Restaurants participating in the Eco To Go program display an educational sticker near the entrance or at the register. See Participating Restaurants

Get your favorite restaurant on board with "Eco To Go" today!

Eco Ideas
- Use less paper napkins and plastic utensils
- Bring your own silverware to work
- Bring your own coffee cup
- Use cloth napkins
- Refill your water bottle

You can always come up with more creative ideas
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Sep 9, 2007

"The 11th Hour" is now in theaters all across the Nation.

This is a very informative documentary outlining the state of our planet; providing more motivation for the preservation of our home, the Earth, and practical environmental solutions we all can be a part of!

Ecoagents highly recommends "The 11th Hour".